Construction dysfunction

Lauren Young, Staff Writer

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, construction. It’s a word I’m sure all of us are tired of hearing and seeing all around our campus.

As the weeks have gone on, it seemed like there was no progress, and while I’m sure all of the rain did put a hold on things, it was brought to my attention that the project of the stairs next to Lycoming Hall were supposed to be done by the end of July.

Here we are at the beginning of October and while they are actually looking like steps again, is there an actual end in sight? All I can say is that it better be done before it starts to get really cold outside because all of this having to take alternate routes to get places is really becoming a royal pain.

Going back to the discussion of the rain, as everyone knows there has been a lot of rainy weather in Bloomsburg lately, real shocker there.

But with all of the dirt that is being kicked up from the construction and the various different vehicles it becomes very muddy in the road between Luzerne and Kehr Union, which has become a high traffic area with the stairs being out of commission.

Another thing is that it seems like the construction is now literally everywhere you turn. I noticed last week that there are areas outside of Luzerne Hall and the aforementioned road that are being dug up.

I can only assume that there must be something wrong with the pipes, but I can’t be positive. All I know is that there are boards down on the ground over the holes in the ground so that people can still walk.

Sometimes during the day, it seems like they are having a competition to see how many vehicles can fit into that area. There are several trucks, vans, and a lift of some sort that I don’t know what to call.

What’s left? A narrow area for a larger influx of people to walk in, having to walk between and under these vehicles is just ridiculous. I have found myself on more than one occasion walking up the steps as if I was going to go into the honors center just to get out of the muddy road.

I’ve spoken with other people about their thoughts on the construction and everyone basically has the same opinion, we just want it to be done and over with.

One person even wanted to know whose idea it was for the construction and if there was ever any kind of student input on the matters. I thought this was an interesting point to bring up because somebody decided on it.

Lauren is a sophomore Graphic Design major. She is a member of the Program Board and Catholic Campus Ministry and a staff writer for The Voice.