Spreading the signs of deaf culture awareness

Gabrielle Reyes, Features Editor

This week is all about celebrating Deaf Awareness Day. It starts annually on the last week of September until that last Sunday. Deaf individuals have these days to celebrate the culture and increase awareness on deaf issues around the world.

It is important to participant in events as such these because we learn about and gain a better understanding for Deaf culture.

If you are new to learning American Sign Language, then this is your time to communicate and interact. Don’t let language be a barrier.

During this week, you will find different ways to celebrate and will find places celebrating. There can be booths, open houses at schools, performances and even a conversation with a deaf individual is contributing to the cause.     Bloomsburg University’s club Signify club is bringing awareness thid November. President of Signify, Emily Pearson in the senior ASL interpreting class, says they will be setting up an event on campus with Deaf presenters sharing their experiences with everyone.

To celebrate September’s Deaf awareness week, another club on campus called ASL Immersion Club is having a “Deaf for the Day” event where people can sign up to buy a $5 kit.

The kit provides ear plugs, notepads, brochures and a pledge card they sign stating they will sign to spread awareness about deaf culture. The brochures are supplied to hand out throughout the campus to educate others. The sign-up sheet is located in the basement of Navy hall.
This Saturday is Deaf Day at the annual Bloomsburg Fair. The deaf community meet up will be held at the Free Stage band shell at 1 p.m. For the full schedule of performances, you can check it out outside of classroom Navy 10 on the bulletin board.    

Go out and explore a different culture and get involved. When you go, don’t forget to post a photo with a #deafawarenessweek. Even Shapchat a friend with the Geofilter that supports Deaf Awareness Week. The filter will have sayings such as, “speak my language” and “learn a sign”. Have fun Huskies! Always remember to have an open mind and respectful of other cultures.