A call for cash and carry: Bloomsburg gallery cultivates local creativity with nonprofit event

Krista Bower, Contributing Writer

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The Exchange, a non-profit art gallery and cultural events center in downtown Bloomsburg, has begun their 5th annual Cash & Carry Event. The Cash & Carry Show takes place from Nov. 10th to Jan. 4th, with items going on sale Nov. 24th.

From now through Nov. 10, however, anyone interested in displaying and selling their artwork in the show can stop by The Exchange at 24 East Main St. and pick up a wooden panel ranging in size from 4” x 5” to 7” x 9.”

Once you take them home, you can paint on them, mount photos onto them, sculpt on them, or even knit around them. The possibilities for what you create on and with these panels is only limited by your imagination, but as stated on the event, “If you can avoid glitter, we would appreciate it; that stuff goes everywhere.”

 An individual may take as many as three panels at a time to be returned by Nov. 10, when they will be displayed. Works returned after Nov. 10 will be displayed as other works are sold. Sales start Nov. 24 with work ranging from $10 to $25 based solely on size. The artist will receive 80% of the sale price of each piece sold at the end of the show and unsold pieces are returned to the artist.

Having participated in this event in 2017, this writer can tell you that it is a great experience. Prior to a friend, artist Katie King, inviting me to take part in Cash & Carry, I had not painted this way in many years.

The prompting, however, really sparked a creativity inside me that I haven’t felt in a long time. Even after the show was long over, I purchased canvas and continued painting for the simple joy of it. I have already picked up panels in order to participate again this year and I can’t wait to see my new works on display in the gallery.

Last year I sold several pieces and I’d love to do the same this year, but even if none of my work sells, the process of creating something I’m proud of and displaying it for others to enjoy is well worth the time and effort. I encourage my fellow students, of all majors, to participate in this event, whether you are submitting your own works for display or enjoying the many works of other local artists.

When you stop in to pick up your panels, be sure to check out The Exchange’s current show “Then and Now,” in which various local artists explore the passage of time. The Exchange does several open calls for art, usually based on a particular theme, throughout the year.
In addition, The Exchange teams up with other local organizations to bring music, art, and culture to the community. Some of these efforts include: The Art Cart, BOO!burg, The Destination Blues Music Festival, and the Bloomsburg Artfest.

Priding themselves on being an art and cultural center for the community, The Exchange encourages participation in the arts by all. Everyone, from the art professional to the art novice, is welcome to participate in the Cash & Carry event, and it is absolutely free, although donations are always accepted (and tax-deductible), as The Exchange is non-profit. The gallery is open Mon. and Fri. from 10 a.m. to 6pm, with varying hours Tue. through Thur.
For more information, please visit The Exchange on Facebook or by visiting www.ExchangeArts.org.

Cash & Carry Panels are stacked and ready to be picked up at The Exchange Gallery on Main Street in Bloomsburg.