Library Starbucks gets a fresh start

Gabrielle Reyes, Features Editor

  Over the summer, BloomU made some much-needed renovations to the Starbucks in the Andruss Library. In the past, it had a layout that was crowned and unused. Now, one can sit and do homework with your friends.

The new renovations make it seem as if they expanded the building when in reality, it was a change of its layout. In the past, you entered Starbucks with a growing line blocking the entrance.

Now, the line starts and wraps around the store enough where it would be less likely to block. In the middle of the shop is furniture available to sit around 30 or so individuals while people are standing in line.  

When asked how the new renovations are, seniors, Nicole Miller and Abigail McLane, said “I think it is so bomb!”

They expressed how the environment is changed to where they like to sit and do homework in. “It is more positive and open,” said Abigail. They both agreed that before it was too congested and now the lines are separated and flows perfectly.

Junior, Kristen Pepe mentions how she would purposely go to the Starbucks at Commons to avoid the crowdedness before it was redone. Now, going to Andruss Library is no longer stressful.

If you haven’t gone to check out the new renovations, we encourage you to. No more congestion, just good energies and good coffee.