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Covering your tail: Staying safe and alert on campus and in town

After some scary events that have occurred in the past week, it is important to think of how you would protect yourself if you ever were put in a situation.

It can be scary walking from the Rec Center to Northumberland Hall at 8pm or walking from a friend’s house in town and back to campus at night. It’s good to be educated with easy steps that you can use for the future.

When walking, it is common to just block out the world with your music. This can be a good thing and a bad thing. When walking by yourself in general, you should never have your head down.

You should always have your head up with a sense of confidence, confidence that you are okay and know where you are going. Projecting yourself as confused and alone is possibly putting a target on your back. With music in your ear, it can distract you from your surroundings. Be aware by turning down your music enough to where you can still hear it but be aware of what’s going on around you.

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Be aware of which streets are safer than others. If it is near midnight and you’re alone, don’t take the roads that don’t seem right to you. Only take the main roads even if takes you longer to get to where you need to be.

The main roads are where more people are and hopefully a police car patrolling the streets. Make yourself familiar to where the closest police station, and campus polie stations are.

If you are getting into your car, you should look in all directions and inside your back seat before getting in. It is common for a person to come at you from behind. It is also smart to look under your car just to make sure you’re safe.

If you do feel unsafe, know it is okay to call campus police. They will help you feel safe. Another way to protect yourself is to download the app called “Husky Safe”. In the search browser of your apps store, search up “911 shield”. This is where you will be able to find and download the app. This app allows you to contact BU Police Department while sending texts, photos and video. It also gives you the option to notify your friend when you have departed and arrived somewhere.

Another option for you, is providing yourself with extra precautions. For example, pepper spray.  This can be useful when placed in a spot you can get to quickly in case of an emergency. Remember to use self- defense if you need to. Switch directions if you feel you are being followed. Do not make yourself a target.

 If you plan on staying out late, try your best not to be alone. However, if that happens, you have some knowledge of what to do. Be safe!


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