The Icarus Account lifts some spirits

Joshua Lloyd, A&E Editor

     Springfest weekend got off to a smooth start when Ty and Trey Turner took to the stage in the Kehr Union Ballroom.
Together, the Floridian twins form The Icarus Account, a one-two punch of unfettered acoustic guitars and straightforward vocal harmonies. The duo thrives on odes to high school sweethearts, laments to good times gone and tributes to faces and places left behind.

      Sounds pretty bittersweet, but it’s clear that Ty and Trey don’t fret about taking themselves too seriously. Trey recently became a father and has developed a taste for cringe-y dad jokes. He also garnered some applause when he nailed a water bottle flip onstage. Ty boasts a tremendous beard and a flowing mane to go with it; he admitted he’s been mistaken for Jesus Christ when out in public.

     With guitars in hand, the brothers are all about crowd-pleasing musical shenanigans. They eased their way through their 2010 single “Favorite Girl,” a stringy soother so peaceful it wouldn’t be out of place at an early Woodstock gig.

     Listening to The Icarus Account live is a serious trip down memory lane. “Proud” is a touching flashback for anyone who watched their parents cry as they left home for college. Then there’s “Keeper of Your Heart,” a tearjerker about heartbreak and the long road to recovery.

     The Florida boys closed the set with their bluesy romp “Cherry Street” and an acoustic mashup of Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass” and The Chainsmokers’ “Closer.”

     The Voice spoke with Ty and Trey about their defining albums, the origins behind their band name and the importance of staying humble in the music business.                    


     The Voice: What brings you to BloomU, a college tour or something like that?

     Trey: Yeah, we’ve kind of found a nice little niche in the college market that started naturally with just fans of ours going to schools and trying to get us on campus. I honestly don’t know the total inner workings or behind-the-scenes of how we ended up here. I just know that our agent said “You’ve got a show on April 20 at Bloomsburg,” and I was like “ok,” but yeah, we’re here and we’re happy to be here.

     The Voice: So how did you guys get your start in music?

     Ty: We played in high school in church and stuff, we both had some music programs at our high school that we were involved in a little bit. College was when we really stared focusing on our writing and kind of becoming The Icarus Account. We started playing a lot of coffee houses our freshman year. It just kind of snowballed, we built up a little bit of a following on Myspace and YouTube.

     The Voice: Old-school stuff.

     Ty: Yeah, exactly, that shows how old we are. Basically, we were making a little bit of money, and we were like, “hmm drop out,” because we love this and maybe we can do something with it. So we ended up dropping out right before senior year, and it was not as smooth as we anticipated in our minds, but we just kind of made it work, kind of kept pushing, and here we are today, it’s been our full-time for the last ten years.

     The Voice: Another thing, the band name. Where did that come from?

     Trey: Icarus is a character of Greek mythology. Him and his dad Daedalus were trapped on an island, so to get off the island they glued bird wings to themselves with hot wax, and then…

     The Voice: Too close to the sun.

     Trey: Too close to the sun, exactly. Basically, Icarus got too prideful, so to us it was just kind of a reminder to stay humble. You see a lot of people with envy, it’s such a competitive field. People make so many sacrifices trying to make it big or whatever, and we just kind of wanted to try and, no matter what we sacrificed, to not change who we were as people, not get too cocky about whatever we did.
     The Voice: If there is one album or even one song that defines you two as a band, what would you say it is?

     Ty: One album? I would probably say our most recent one, “Over the Moon,” just because it sounds the best, quality-wise. I mean, you always want to put your best foot forward as an artist, so you’re always trying to release something that’s better than the last. I think as a whole, we’re probably the most proud of that album.

     Trey: I would probably say two albums, I know that’s the wrong answer to the question, but “Mayday” was our first full-length album that we did, and that was us having no idea what we were doing, just wanting to make music and we tried to figure out how to record ourselves.

     The Voice: That was 2008, wasn’t it?

    Trey: Yeah, 2008, and that was such an honest selection of songs from us ‘cause it was just songs we were writing from high school to college about finding girls or whatever else we thought was important back then. “Over the Moon” is kind of like the defining album for us for the different reason of, it’s like what we eventually found to be our niche sound. I think both of them have been equally helpful in our careers for those reasons ‘cause they define what we do.