Meet Beats by Bloom!

Jessica Barnett, News Editor

      Beats by Bloom is our student run acapella group of Bloomsburg University. They held their spring showcase in McCormick 1303 on Sunday April 29. During their showcase, the group performed 11 songs. They sang to popular songs such as Bad Romance by Lady Gaga, Lazy Song by Bruno Mars and Chandelier by Sia. They also recently performed at the NAACP Image Awards, which was held in the Kehr Union Ballroom on April 25.

      Beats by Bloom is a relatively new student-run organization here on our campus and is around a year old. John Carpenter, President and founder of the group says, “I started the group to bring something to Bloomsburg that was different than what Bloom is used to and a way to have a singing outlet. After three semesters, I am so happy with how far this group has come and can’t wait to see how much further it will go in the years to come. We will be having auditions next semester so stay tuned for that.”

     Regarding the future of this club, they are doing a t-shirt fund raiser to raise money. “We aren’t getting any funding from BU, so we need help! We are trying to raise money so that we can continue to learn and grow as an acapella group,” says Becca Caprio a member of the group. By visiting their website or Facebook page you can find more information.

     Ally Abrahams, Vice President of Beats by Bloom, stated “I was looking for an acapella group when I came to Bloomsburg but there we not any groups established yet. Beats by Bloom has given me some of my best friends. I couldn’t imagine going through college without this group! Everyone in this group is so talented. It is so amazing seeing everyone work together to create beautiful music”.

     Becca Caprio also commented on joining this group. She says, “I absolutely love Beats by Bloom! I’ve been a singer my whole life and when I came to college and spent the first 2 years not singing, something felt like it was missing. I did not want to go back into concert choir because I wanted to try something new. Last semester I came across Beats by Bloom and my life has forever been changed. We really become a family and I wouldn’t trade singing with them for anything!”