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Do all dogs go to heaven? Our fluffy friends have souls too…

Cheyanne Wallish, Contributing Writer

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If you were asked the question “Do dogs have souls?” what would you say? If the answer is not yes then you might want to rethink your answer. In an article done back in December of 2017, they say that emotions are the voice of the soul. If that is true then yes, dogs do have souls because they do have emotions. I know that my dogs definitely have souls because they show me different emotions every time I see and talk to them.

            My dog Baily is full of soul. Every time I come home from school she gets so excited to see me that she cannot control her excitement. She begins to jump up and down on me. She shakes her butt and tail, so much that she is almost falling over and the funniest part is that since she cannot tell me that she wants to give me kisses, she gives me small little soft bites on my butt to show her love. She is just the funniest dog to see when you come home after a long day. Even if I am away just a few second, like to run upstairs to go to the bathroom, she will still get excited when I come back.

            On the other hand, Duke, my boyfriend’s beagle, lets you know when enough is enough. He is not a very loving touching dog. You can give him a hug and about three kisses until he gives you a look like “Come on now, leave me alone you annoying human being”. He is always showing us his emotions to let us know he had enough love for the day. I believe his annoying emotions come from his soul just likes Bailey’s loving and exciting emotions come from her souls.

    As long as dogs can breathe they have emotions. Many people try to say that a dog is just a dog and that is it, but that is not true at all. Humans have emotions, they can feel love, hate, sadness, joy, and many more. Human emotions come from their soul, so if a dog can feel the same emotions like happiness, sadness, anger, joy, and more then I truly believe they come from their souls, too.
    In an article written by Victoria A. Gardener called “Do Dogs Have Souls” from the website BellaSpark, she makes the argument that dogs are considered man’s best friends. A dog is always forgiving and is always ready to start new with their human. If they are able to forgive and always be responsive to human emotions, then where do you think that forgiveness comes from? It does not just magically appear, but it comes from their inner emotions.

    When a person is feeling sad what does their dog normally do? The dog will try to make the human feel better by lying with them and just being there for them. When a person is happy what does the dog feel? The dog is happy always. Dogs have the ability to interact and read our emotions and normally have a correct response to our emotions. They are that smart to be able to pick the specific parts of human emotions to connect with their humans better.

    So to answer my own question, YES dogs have souls. Yes dogs have emotions which I believe come from inside the soul. Next time you go home, take a look at how your dog reacts with you. See how your dog acts with other humans. If you look hard enough, perhaps you can see into their doggy soul…

Cheyanne Wallish is an English major and a contributing writer for the Voice.


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Do all dogs go to heaven? Our fluffy friends have souls too…