All that glitters is gold

Meagan Malesic, Asst. Features Editor

     Pharrell Williams once said, “Fashion has to reflect who you are, what you feel at the moment, and where you’re going”. With feelings and reflections constantly changing, its no wonder why styles and trends can vary so drastically from season to season. Along with the inevitable changes within the fashion world, makeup trends also evolve quickly with time. Have no fear, though – here are some of the beauty trends that are up-and-coming for spring and summer 2018, straight from the runways of fashion week.

     If fashion week makeup could be summarized in one word, it would be gold. Gold highlighter is currently all the rage, and with summer right around the corner, the warm glow of gold tones is likely to stay in style for the next few months to come. Specifically, Rihanna’s gold highlighter from her Fenty beauty line is currently all the rage in the fashion world. Gold is the perfect addition to any beauty look this summer, whether it be as a highlighter, eyeshadow, all-over body glow.

     As the saying goes, all that glitters may not be gold – but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be used together. In addition to implementing gold hues to your daily beauty regimen, adding glitter is sure to make your look really pop throughout these summer months. While many of the models during fashion week donned extreme glitter lids, even the subtlest addition of glitter to the eyelids is sure to be a hit in the months to come.
Another trend spotted at fashion week was upside-down eyeliner. While it has been popular in the recent past to rock heavy liner on the upper eyelids, models at various fashion week runway shows instead opted for heavy and colorful liner beneath the lower lashline. As turquoise seems to be a popular color for the upcoming season, perhaps a turquoise upside-down eyeliner look – with gold accents in the inner crease of the eyelid – will be your new hit signature look this summer.

     Another previous trend that may be going out of style is the heavily contoured look. In contrast, a much more lowkey face was all the rage at multiple runways earlier this year. Rather than focusing on a drastic and contour-heavy look, most designers instead chose to send their models onto the runway with much more bare and natural-looking skin. This fresh-faced look further emphasized the gold highlights and allowed for the eye designs to really pop on their own.

     With summer right around the corner, the newest fashion trends are starting to emerge. Be prepared for the style of summer by embracing gold hues and really emphasizing your eyes with the new style of upside-down liner. Even though makeup trends are as quick to change as fashion styles, you can stay on top of it this year by imitating the hottest looks of the 2018 fashion week runways. Let your inner beauty guru glow through!