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Wendy’s serves up some savagery

    The fast-food giant Wendy’s jumped to a whole new level of savage by releasing a five-song EP titled “We Beefin?”
The chain is very active on Twitter, famously known for its verbal wars, rap battles and clapbacks on social media.

     Many people tweet to the Wendy’s account frequently to get food suggestions at other restaurants which always ends with a smart and sassy response. These hilarious tweets get thousands of retweets, and have been heavily covered in humor-based videos across many social medias platforms.

     Last week, Wendy’s decided to take another direction for attacking its competition: song.

     Wendy’s announced its steaming release on the company’s official Twitter page. The album artwork is a single beef patty with the words “we beefin?” on a white background. The caption for the tweet reads “fresh, never frozen beats.”

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     The EP consists of five songs and runs for ten minutes total; it’s currently available on Apple Music and Spotify. The songs are all rap-based, with heavy bass, reverb and synth, not to mention straight flames towards Burger King and McDonald’s.

     Some of the most direct attacks are found in the third track, “Rest in Grease,” where Wendy’s uses the lines “Them lil’ tweets don’t phase me, McDonald’s be so lazy.” This song made it to Spotify’s #1 spot on their Global Viral 50 list.

     Wendy’s additionally named one song “Clownin,” a knock on the golden arches’ colorful mascot.

     Likewise, in “Holding It Down,” Wendy’s drops the mic on Burger King: “And BK, don’t think that you got away / You copied my old menu and put it on replay.”

     “It’s kind of ridiculous, but it is a bold way to get your name out there” says BloomU senior Jim McDermott. “If you’re going to release music, make it good. It’s both hilarious but not that good.”

     “It was fire – it was actually good,” says junior Dave Zienkiewicz. “When I first saw it, I thought it was just a joke. When I listened to it, I was pleasantly surprised.”

     When asked about where the inspiration for the album came from, Wendy’s replied “People know who our rivals are. We get tweeted about them daily. We figured if we’re all going to have beef, we should at least have fresh beef.”

     No matter where competitors try to hide, no one is safe from the shade thrown from Wendy’s grills and deep fryers.


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