BloomU Dance Ensemble wows the crowds

Carly Clifford, Staff Writer

     Bloomsburg University’s Dance Ensemble performed their twenty-fourth annual showcase at Haas Center for the Arts last Thursday and Friday.

     Excited audience members flooded the doors, anxiously awaiting the recital from the dedicated dancers who were stretching and practicing backstage. As the lights dimmed, everyone quieted themselves in anticipation. This year, a large variety of genres and music were chosen for the dance numbers: country, hip-hop, pointe, acro and so many more.

     All pieces are created solely by Bloomsburg students. The teachers have the opportunity to choreograph the dances, choose the music and host weekly practices for all the ensemble members that would like to join the class. It’s a big commitment, but the payoff is more than worth it. Some of the newer teachers were thrilled to see their choreography on the stage for the first time.

     Amanda Feddock, a junior BUDE member, was one of the many teachers beaming at the end of the show. “This year was truly special for me because it was my first year choreographing for the dance ensemble. It was awesome seeing the dance that I created come together with the costumes and lighting,” said Amanda. “I am so proud of all the hard work that my class and the rest of the ensemble put in, especially because of the short amount of time that we have to put the show together.” Amanda choreographed the piece “Black and Gold,” an advanced jazz dance. The dance was performed by nine girls to the upbeat song also titled “Black and Gold” by Sam Sparro.  

     Any audience member could tell you that there was a certain spark to watching all of these dancers light up the stage this year. There is something captivating about seeing a dance performed by a close-knit group like BUDE. Sadly, this was the last show for many of the seniors. As early as freshman year, any member can try out for the dance ensemble and spending all of those years together has produced a very team-oriented show. Carlos Santiago is one of this year’s graduating dancers. When asked about his experiences with the ensemble he replied that it “has meant more than just a club. So many of the dancers have become a second family and some of my closest friends here that I will never forget.” Dancing amongst your closest friends and building these bonds are moments that Santiago will always treasure. So what was his favorite part? He claimed it “would have to be the moments leading up to the first lights. Hearing the cheers of your peers and family is unexplainable.”

     A well-earned congratulations goes out to all of the dance members involved in this year’s performance. All of their teamwork and dedication this year shone brightly on the stage. If you want to catch more wonderful dances and dancers soon, the Dance Minor Expo will be held on April 22 and April 23 in Haas Center for the Arts. A round of applause is in order for every member of the Bloomsburg University Dance Ensemble for putting on an amazing show!

The BloomU Dance Ensemble took to the stage for their annual showcase on Thursday and Friday.