A Cost Effective Friendsgiving

By Alex Ogden, Contributing Writer

        Thanksgiving is a day full of family time, food, relaxation and gratitude. Around the holiday season, and especially on Thanksgiving, people enjoy reflecting on the gifts that life has granted them. Looking around the dinner table, your eyes are met with aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents, reminding you of the blessing of family. But what about the people who you spend your time with on a daily basis? I’m talking about your friends, the ones who are there to help you through the daily struggles that you endure. Whether that may be giving you a pep talk before a big exam or always being there to listen to your daily frustrations, your friends are your support system throughout life, especially through college.
In order to show your gratitude for one another and to celebrate the gift of friendship, I am providing a guide to hosting the perfect friend-thanksgiving, better known as a “Friendsgiving”. In this guide, I will be catering the budget to fit the budget of an average college student. My goal is to provide the most cost-efficient method of creating a holiday feast for you and your friends. The meal that I am presenting is based upon a budget of around $20.00 and is intended to be shared among four people.

Possible Limitations:
    For those living in the dorms or those without access to a kitchen, I would recommend celebrating your Friendsgiving together at the Commons!


    To achieve a welcoming and home-like environment for your Friendsgiving, I would suggest holding the celebration at your apartment or house. By setting your kitchen table with plates, silverware, napkins, and glassware, your space will be prepared to host your guests.


    Though it is famous for being the centerpiece at your Thanksgiving feast, buying a full-size turkey can be expensive. Instead, I recommend purchasing fileted turkey breasts. In doing so, you will be able to enjoy the traditions of Thanksgiving at a fraction of the cost!


Price: Varies depending on store and weight of the product.


     Gravy is the perfect topping for just about everything on your Thanksgiving plate. Instead of purchasing a jar of premade gravy, you can purchase a packet of Turkey Gravy mix. In order to prepare it, you just need to add water and simmer. Within minutes you will have a delicious gravy!


Price: $0.98 per packet of mix


     The perfect side dish to a delicious slice of turkey is a heaping pile of stuffing. Stove Top stuffing is an affordable Thanksgiving staple. It is also extremely quick and easy to prepare! This dish will only take around five minutes to complete.  


Price: $2.07 per box


    Another classic side dish at most holiday celebrations is mashed potatoes. Instead of being tasked with trying to peel, boil and mash your own potatoes, I have suggsted using instant mashed potatoes. Instant mashed potatoes are a cost-efficient and easy alternative to the tedious process of making mashed potatoes.


Price: $2.88 per box

Green Beans:

      In order to incorporate vegetables somewhere into this delicious feast, I chose to add canned green beans. Canned green beans are a common find in almost every pantry. They are also fairly simple to prepare! If you would like to improve this dish, I would recommend making green bean casserole.     

Price: $0.44 per can

Pumpkin Pie:

    In order to avoid the hassle of baking a pie from scratch, purchase a pre-made pumpkin pie! This option is simple, yet delicious. The perfect way to end your Friendsgiving on a sweet note!


Price: $3.47

      Getting together with your friends and family over the holiday season is one of best parts of the year. Being able to enjoy each others’ company over a hardy, home-cooked meal is truly something to be cherished. Hopefully you will take the opportunity to put this meal together for your friends, but if not, tell your friends and family members just how thankful you truly are to have them in your life. Thanksgiving is not just about the food, it’s about family and friends.