Last Word: Corruption exists on both sides of the political spectrum

Rachelle Jones, Staff Writer

     In last week’s first word article, the BU Democrats focused on the charges levied against Paul Manafort, and his connections with Russia. The charges are without a doubt concerning, and neither Democrats nor Republicans can defend Manafort.

     However, the case against Trump is unclear, and it is unfair to blame Trump for Manafort’s actions. According to CNN, Trump removed Manafort as his campaign chairman due to his involvement with concerning states. As stated by President Trump, “I think we found out something about he may be involved with all — with certain nations, and I don’t even know exactly what it was in particular. But there was a point at which we just felt Paul would be better off — because we don’t want to have many potential conflicts” (CNN). Thus, it appears that Trump removed Manafort as his campaign chairman due to these concerns, and acted ethically in that decision.

     Charges of corruption are currently being levied against the Democrats, as well. Former Democratic National Committee interim chair Donna Brazile’s recently published book attacks Hillary Clinton and indicates that Clinton, before the end of the presidential primary where she faced off against Bernie Sanders, held significant control over the Democratic National Committee.

      According to Brazile’s book, Hillary had an agreement with the DNC where she would provide them with donations and Hillary would in return receive say in decisions made by the DNC. According to Brazile, this action “…was not illegal, but it sure looked unethical. If the fight had been fair, one campaign would not have control of the party before the voters had decided which one they wanted to lead. This was not a criminal act, but as I saw it, it compromised the party’s integrity” (CNBC). A memo which has become known has illustrated these connections, making clear the agreement between the DNC and Hillary’s campaign manager. Both Republicans and Democrats are concerned, with Democrat Elizabeth Warren stating she believes the primaries were rigged to favor Clinton.  

     Bernie Sanders fans, remember when you said the election was rigged and Clinton supporters shut you down? Here lies more evidence that you were indeed correct. Corruption ensured that Bernie would fail, and Hillary would win the primary. The actions of Clinton and the DNC were a slap in the face to voters and democracy.  

    In many ways, Brazile’s confession and attack on Hillary are surprising. During the presidential election, Brazile forwarded Clinton possible topics for a town hall debate, providing Clinton with the upper hand over Bernie Sanders (ABC News). Once again, Sanders was the DNC’s pawn, and his chances to win the primary were severely harmed by Clinton’s and the DNC’s corrupt actions.  

     It seems like there is corruption on both sides, regarding both Republicans and Democrats. Let’s face it: Politics are corrupt. Thus, it makes one wonder what should be done. In my opinion, less power needs to be given to the federal government. While Democrats note the ongoing corruption of politics, they still believe that giving more and more power to the federal government will make America a better place. I thoroughly disagree. Corruption is much easier to spot the closer it is to home, meaning that local and state governments should be the institutions receiving more power. Expanding the federal government simply expands corruption.  

Rachelle Jones is an education major and is the Presdient of Bloomsburg University Republicans. She is a staff writer for