Halloween embraces both fun and scary

Meagan Malesic, Staff Writer

       With Halloween right around the corner, there are many different ways to celebrate the holiday.  There are plenty of traditions and activities that embrace the Halloween spirit, which range from light-hearted events to terrifying thrills.  Some students from BU shared their favorite activities to do during the end of October in celebration of this spooky holiday.  

      Halloween doesn’t have to be all about scares.  In fact, some people prefer Halloween to be more about having fun and enjoying the holiday in good spirits.  “Hanging out with friends and getting candy is definitely my favorite part of Halloween,” says senior Emily Later.  She definitely isn’t alone there.  Since trick-or-treating is an active part of the Halloween culture, many people associate candy and sweets with the holiday.  Even though trick-or-treating tends to be viewed as more of a children’s holiday, even college students here at BU can enjoy hanging together and eating candy in celebration of Halloween.  

      However, some people prefer Halloween to be less fun and more scary.  “My favorite activity to do during Halloween is going to haunted houses,” senior Kacey Bodden says.  “I love everything about Halloween, really.  I love everything spooky!”  Spookiness is an adjective that many others would also use to describe Halloween.  Many horror attractions come alive during this holiday season in celebration of all things scary.  Haunted attractions such as Jason’s Woods and Field of Screams are local Pennsylvania-based terror activities that definitely aren’t meant to be enjoyed by the faint of heart.  Those who prefer their Halloween celebrations to be more on the scary side can enjoy these events and other haunted house-based attractions in order to really get into the scary spirit of this holiday.

       Many people do expect Halloween to be a scary holiday.  “You can’t celebrate Halloween without scary movies,” agrees Athena Kondos, senior.  “Halloween is meant to be a scary holiday.  The gorier the movie, the better.”  With plenty of scary movies dedicated to Halloween, many people enjoy curling up – or freaking out – to watch horror classics.  Senior Cody Deitz agrees: “I love a good slasher film.  Making popcorn and watching Wes Craven’s Scream is my favorite Halloween activity”.  

      Clearly, there are many different ways to celebrate the Halloween season.  For those who prefer to celebrate the holiday in a fun fashion, light-hearted activities such as carving pumpkins, dressing up, and eating candy might be the best ways to celebrate this season.  On the other hand, those who enjoy the scariness and thrills of Halloween might prefer experiencing terrifying haunted houses and watching horror movies this October 31st.  Regardless of how you choose to celebrate Halloween this year, enjoy the season and make the most of this unique and spooky holiday.