Halloween treats that are sure to spook your guests

Meagan Malesic, Staff Writer

       No Halloween party would be complete without some spooky treats to serve to your guests.  This Halloween season, keep your guests full – and impressed – with some creative snacks that truly embrace the spirit of the season.  Here are some ideas to help you start planning your ghostly menu.  
A fall favorite is, of course, the caramel apple.  Celebrate this traditional fall food this October while also embracing the spirit of Halloween by serving Poison Apples.  Mix up a batch of caramel to dip your apples in, but amp up the spookiness of the caramel by adding a few drops of black food dye.  Dunk bright green Granny Smith apples into the black caramel mixture and allow it to cool and harden before serving, and you’ll be sure to impress your guests by re-vamping this traditional fall treat.  

       Another spooky treat that is essential at any Halloween-themed event is a Graveyard Cup of Dirt with Worms.  While it may not sound very delicious, this dessert item is sure to be a sweet refreshment that your guests will love.  Portion scoops of chocolate pudding into a cup, and crumble crushed up Oreos on top to resemble “dirt”.  Add oval graham crackers on top of the dirt to resemble gravestones, and place gummy worms to add an extra creepy effect.  While this graveyard scene is sure to be quite a show stopper, it likely won’t last very long as soon as your guests get a taste of it.
Who doesn’t love ice cream?  Ice cream is sure to be the hit of any party, especially if it’s embracing the Halloween spirit.  Put a scoop of ice cream into a bowl and place an ice cream cone upside-down on top, and you’ve created an Ice Witch – with the cone as a pointed witch’s hat.  Allow your guests to decorate and customize their witches with sprinkles, nuts, cherries, and chocolate chips, and this treat is sure to be a tasty and festive highlight of any Halloween event.

       Pumpkins are a large part of the Halloween holiday season, but do not necessarily make a great party food.  A simple way to celebrate this fall staple through food is to create Clementine Pumpkins.  Peel away the skin of a Clementine and it will reveal its pumpkin-like color and shape.  Add a piece of celery on top as the pumpkin stem, and you’ve got a sweet, healthy, and easy treat to serve guests at any Halloween event.  

       If you’re looking for a more filling entrée to serve your guests this Halloween season, perhaps Stuffed Jack-o-Lanterns may be the perfect solution.  Use a large red, orange, or yellow bell pepper as your base for the “jack-o-lantern”. Cut off the top of the pepper, scoop out the seeds, and carve into it as you would a pumpkin in order to create a jack-o-lantern face.  Stuff the carved pepper with cooked pasta and you’ve created a hearty and spooky treat that resembles a jack-o-lantern oozing with pasta brains.  

        The opportunities really are endless when it comes to Halloween party snack ideas.  This season, put the “treat” in trick-or-treat by impressing your guests with a variety of spooky and creative Halloween-based foods.  Whether it’s an idea from this list or another creation of your own, the Halloween treats at your party are sure to be scary delicious.