Finding your center at BU

Meagan Malesic, Contributing Writer

     One of the best resources for students on BU’s campus is located right in the 1st floor of Schuylkill Hall.  The Women’s Resource Center offers a plethora of services for students, aiming to provide information and support well-being through programs, activities, and services.  The center focuses on educational programs that aim to enhance awareness of gender and identity issues, promote equality and safety, and assist the needs of the diverse student population at BU.

      Some of the monthly programs that the WRC offers are Feminist Film Friday, Self-Care Saturdays, and Feel Good Friday.  These programs seek to increase self-awareness and self-esteem, as well as open up discussion topics for students to discuss and contribute to.  The center also offers workshop opportunities, including Consent is Sexy and The Continuum of Harm, which can be requested as personalized sessions within a variety of individualized settings.  The WRC also is active at tabling events every month, and addresses current social events through their reactive programs.
Despite what its name may suggest, the Women’s Resource Center and all of its services are available for men as well.  The center even has a male advocate on call.  In fact, the WRC is inclusive to all genders, not just those who are cis-gendered.  The center aims to empower all individuals at BU, regardless of their gender identities.  The emphasis of the center is the well-being of all women, and aims to achieve this through practicing intersectional feminism and total gender inclusion.  “We need to support all of our sisters,” coordinator Albra Wheeler states, “not just our cis-ters”.  
If students are interested in becoming involved in the WRC, there are many opportunities to do so.  The center offers internships, practicums, work-studies, volunteer work, and graduate assistantships.  Students are also always encouraged and welcome to participate in and assist in any number of the yearly events on campus.  

     The WRC is open 10am – 5pm on Monday thru Friday, but advocates are available 24/7 by calling or texting the number 570-336-4994.  These advocates are available to assist victims of sexual assault by providing resources both on campus and within the community.  Additionally, you can contact the WRC by emailing Albra Wheeler, the coordinator, at [email protected], or [email protected]  The phone number of the WRC is 570-389-2510.