More bingeable Netflix shows: Ten more shows that you should watch…after you study!

Danielle Krempasky, Contributing Writer

     Netflix is a big part of every college student’s life. Enjoy!

     Stranger Things. This thrilling Netflix original sci-fi drama takes place in small town Indiana in 1983. After a young boy goes missing, his mom sets up a horrifying investigation uncovering a crazy mystery of the town. Catch up on this Emmy Award winning series before season two comes out on October 27!  

     Shameless (U.S). Follow the crazy dysfunctional lives of the Gallagher family through the streets of Chicago. The dad’s a drunk, the mom left and now the oldest daughter, Fiona, just wants to keep their family together. This dramatic comedy is always fun and entertaining to watch on any night of the week. Feel like staying in on a weekend? Grab a glass of wine and turn on Shameless!

     Fuller House. From the amazing sitcom show we all grew up watching, Full House, another Netflix original allows us to dive back into the Tanner family as we watch how DJ, Stephanie and Kimmy Gibbler have grown. In the same house, with most of the same cast, we get to see DJ raise her three sons with the help of her sister Stephanie and her best friend Kimmy. Season three of this comedy series was just recently released, so start binging now and find out what all the buzz is about.  

     Gossip Girl. How would you like to grow up in the Upper East Side of Manhattan? Well, now you can! But only through the lives of five young high school students who have it all, and by all I mean good looks and lots of money. This dramatic show will hook you right away and keep you involved in all the romance, friendships and heartbreaking scenarios.  

     Friends. Everybody seems to love this 90’s sit-com and Netflix has all ten seasons! Whenever you’re feeling down, this show has the power to lift you up, make you laugh and change your mood around. Trust me, it works every time.  

     Riverdale. This series is rather new to Netflix and everybody seems to be loving it. After a mysterious death of one of Riverdale High’s own, the police start investigating and everyone seems to be suspicious of one another. Everyone has their own sense of guilt after what happened, but see if you can figure out who the mystery murderer is before everyone else figures it out.   

     13 Reasons Why. If you have any social media app then you know this show was greatly talked about upon its arrival and if you haven’t watched it yet, jump on the bandwagon because season two has got to be approaching us soon. This dramatic show is based off of a book where a young high school student sends out tapes to a few select individuals to explain why she killed herself. This show is both emotional and dramatic. Just a helpful tip, make sure the tissues are within reaching distance.   

     Breaking Bad. In order to save his family’s future before he dies of cancer, Walter White needs to make as much money as he can in a very short amount of time. His idea in doing so involves turning his RV into a meth lab on wheels. He comes to realize that working in the crystal meth industry comes with much worse fates than death. Follow his journey in this multiple award-winning drama series.  

     The Vampire Diaries. Are you interested in sci-fi, romance, drama, mystery and comedy? Well, this show might be better for you than you think. Two vampire brothers move back to their home town after over 100 years. Why? To find a girl. The same girl. This love triangle and wide variety of supernatural beings will have you hooked on this show quickly and surely keep you entertained. It’s much better than Twilight!

     Grey’s Anatomy. If you don’t watch this show already you’ve probably told yourself you never would, but I’m telling you that you won’t regret it. Hop on this emotional roller coaster ride as you experience what it’s like to be an intern at a major hospital in Seattle. Not only will you get hooked on the doctors, but you’ll also find yourself swooning over the patients, too. This multi-award winning drama is airing its 14th season this fall. Start binging now and catch up before it gets here!