Ready to feel the power?

Masy Tincher, Contributing Writer

     It’s hard not to feel the nostalgia while watching the new “Power Rangers” movie that hit theaters on March 24. Many of us watched the movies or classic series after school when we were young, and though the show has had multiple seasons and remakes over the years, it’s been twenty years since the last theatrical release. Showcasing many of the same quirks within the sci-fi series, it presents itself with a revamped style and updated story.

     The movie opens by explaining the origins of the Power Rangers corps and how their abilities came to be. In this re-imagined version, Power Rangers are intergalactic forces sent to protect Earth from evil millions of years in the past.

     The Power Rangers depicted here are extraterrestrial beings who possess human-like attributes. After facing extreme circumstances in an attempt to stop Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks), they perished. Their powers, contained within five mysterious coins, are buried on Earth to be obtained by those destined for the responsibility.

     Taking the audience back to current times, we begin to learn more about the characters who will become the new Power Rangers. Jason (Dacre Montgomery), Kimberly (Naomi Scott), Billy (RJ Cyler), Zack (Ludi Lin) and Trini (Becky G), are students from the same high school in Angel Grove, California who have very little interaction with one another. As teens, high school drama plays a role in development of each character as the film progresses.

     After accidentally stumbling upon the coins of the previous Rangers, each character begins to show superhuman abilities while trying to do everyday tasks. As the five teens begin to morph into their roles as the Power Rangers, they start to learn what it means to be a team and what their roles are in the group, a tried-and-true plot from previous makings of this sci-fi classic.

     Like every good superhero movie, the fight scene is what brings in the audience. As the battle scenes play out, the shots incorporate many of the same camera angles and techniques from earlier installments, furthering the nostalgia of the movie. When “Go Go Power Rangers” starts playing in the theater, it’s difficult to hold back the excitement.

     Of course, the film makes extensive use of computer-generated imagery (CGI). Within the “Power Rangers” movie, the CGI helps develop important parts of the plot. The creatures the Rangers fight, the Dinozords, the Megazord and the final battle were all done with strong CGI, even though we will miss the men in the rubber suits.


 The new Red, Blue, Pink, Yellow and Black Rangers battle the destructive might of Rita Repulsa in the Rangers’ return to the big screen.

     Like most showdowns in a “Power Rangers” story, the fight scene was over pretty quickly. The main focus with this scene was how the new Rangers worked together rather than the fight itself.

     After twenty years of waiting for a new “Power Rangers” movie, audiences will not be disappointed. For those thinking about taking their kids to see the film, note that it is PG-13 with some mild swearing and sexual references. However, it does teach a good lesson on friendship and the importance of working together.

     In the end, “Power Rangers” is a must-see, fostering a great start the new series. Even if you haven’t seen a single episode or movie, you will still find something to enjoy.

     For those of you who wait until the very end of the credits to watch any potential epilogues, let’s save you some time; there is one after the main credits of the movie, although there’s no need to wait until the end of the credit reel. You might get some definitive answers to a Rangers-related mystery.