Don’t sweat it, Huskies! Healthy Huskies on how to manage midterm stress

Natalie Wittman, Healthy Huskies

Did you know that spring break is less than three weeks away? With that being said, mid-terms season is upon us. Do not panic! Healthy Husky is here to remind you how to manage your stress so that you can do your best in your classes. If you take action to prepare yourself for mid-terms, the less stress you are likely to experience which will have a positive impact on your health. Below are some tips from the Anxiety and Depression Association of America to keep in mind over the course of the next couple weeks.

Maintain a positive attitude – Try your best to rid your mind of negative thoughts as they can affect how you feel.

Accept that you cannot control everything – Check in with yourself and make sure you are not expending energy on things you have no way of controlling. It is not worth your stress.

Eat well-balanced meals – Make sure you are eating three healthy meals a day and keep energy boosting snacks on hand for when you get hungry. Remember that what you eat fuels your brain.

Exercise daily – Exercising has been proven to elevate mood. Even a 20- minute walk each day can be beneficial.

Take deep breaths – When you feel stressed, take a step back from your work and inhale and exhale slowly a few times. It can help relax you and take your mind off what is stressing you out.

Talk to someone – Do not be afraid to have a conversation with a friend, parent, mentor, or professor about what is causing you stress. Sometimes talking things through with someone can make you feel better and make tasks seem more manageable.

Taking action in some of these ways will benefit your mental, emotional, social, and physical well-being. Keep these tips in mind not only during mid-terms but throughout the semester.

Remember to keep an eye out for the Husky PAWS on Wellness Wednesdays! This is a great opportunity to educate yourself on a health topic or to ask them about what they do.
Good luck on mid-terms, Huskies!

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