BU Women’s Soccer slides past Slippery Rock: Barber, Hawkins carry Huskies to 3-1 victory and 8-2-1 overall record

Randy Sforza, Staff Writer

Bloomsburg University alumni were treated to a spectacular showcase of overwhelming talent as the Huskies once again displayed home-field dominance.

The Huskies’ rout of Slipper Rock University improves their record to 8-2-1, and are in currently second-place in the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference (PSAC) standings.

Goalkeeper Jenna Hawkins continues to define what greatness looks like on the field, only giving up one goal to Slippery Rock in the win. This was the first goal Hawkins let by in the last five games.

Hawkins has surrendered just five goals in the first 11 games this season. In addition, she has 23 saves, while allowing an outstanding 0.45 goals per-game to go along with her seven shut-out victories in 2018. Her steady growth as a player has transitioned into instant success for the team.

Nevertheless, all of Hawkins hard-work and game-changing impact wouldn’t pay off just as much if it wasn’t for the Huskies’ senior midfielder Allie Barber.

Barber, who is the team leader in points with 11, dedicated all of her focus towards getting her fellow teammates involved in Saturday’s matchup. The quick-thinking Barber racked up two assists and led both teams in points with two in the contest.

Barber’s creative passing ability showcased itself when she delivered a beautiful cross-field pass to forward Nicole Varano for a remarkable header to give the Huskies a 2-0 lead.  

The next hill for the Huskies to climb comes at the expense of the 8-3-1 Seton Hill University Griffins, who currently rank seventh in the PSAC. Seton Hill plays their best soccer on the road with a 5-1 record.

On the hand, the Bloomsburg women elevate their intensity and production at home, which has led to a 5-1 home record this season.
Therefore, this game showcases both a dominate home team versus an optimistic road squad, which gives this game all the makings of an exhilarating battle.

The Huskies for the first time in years are now nationally ranked at number 23. This is the first time since 2010 Bloomsburg has been featured in the national rankings.

The Huskies battle Seton Hill on Friday, Oct. 12 at 2:00 p.m. at Steph Pettit Stadium.