Rap God vs. Rap Devil: War of words between Eminem and MGK gets personal

Randy Sforza, Staff Writer

Machine Gun Kelly released “Rap Devil” on Sep. 3, calling Eminem a “f**kin’ dweeb”

and claiming that “the real Slim Shady can’t stand up.”



DJ, keep dropping that beat, because it looks like hip-hop finally has a legit battle going on between rappers Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly. Eminem just released an incendiary diss track entitled “Killshot” in response to Kelly’s vicious “Rap Devil.”  

First, let’s backtrack to the origin of this beef. In 2012, MGK sent out a tweet about Eminem’s daughter Hailie Jade, who was just 16 years old at the time of the tweet. Kelly, who was 22 at the time, tweeted out, “Ok so I just saw a picture of Eminem’s daughter…and I have to say, she is hot as f**k, in the most respectful way possible cuz Em king.”

Eminem seems to have taken offence to this tweet regarding his then-teenage daughter because in 2015, Kelly claimed that he was banned from Eminem’s radio station, Shade 45. Fast forward to 2017; MGK volunteered to do a freestyle rap on Power 106 FM, where he talked about how Eminem has him banned from Shade 45. Earlier this year in March, MGK collaborated with Kansas City rapper Tech N9ne on the song “No Reasons,” in which the rapper seems to take shots aimed at Slim Shady.

MGK sings, “I pop cherries and popstars, you popsicles is not hard/Popped in on top charts out the cop car/To remind y’all you just rap, you’re not God and I don’t care who got bars.”

In the hip-hop community, these lyrics were considered a subliminal shot at Eminem, especially since he refers to himself as the “Rap God.”

All of this drama led to Marshall Mathers (Eminem) releasing his new album “Kamikaze,” which rips all of the critics who said he lost his skills as an artist and any rappers who think the real Slim Shady has retired. Eminem calls them out by name: Young Thug, Lil Yachty, Joe Budden and of course, MGK.
In the song “Not Alike,” Eminem goes full nuclear war on MGK, and fully addresses his beef with the 28-year-old rapper in the third verse of the track.
Eminem raps, “Oh, you run the streets, huh? Now you wanna come f**k with me, huh?/This little c**k-sucker, he must be feelin’ himself. He wants to keep up his tough demeanor/So he does a feature, decides to team-up with Nina/But next time you don’t gotta use Tech N9ne if you wanna come at me with a sub, Machine Gun/And I’m talkin’to you, but you already know the f**k you are, Kelly.”

This part of the verse ignited MGK’s “Rap Devil” response, a title used to essentially mock Eminem.

MGK gets real personal in this track, as if designed to destroy the rest of Eminem’s career. Kelly points out that Eminem isn’t that good and hasn’t been irrelevant for the last decade. He proclaims that Marshall called MGK’s bosses and asked them to make him apologize for the comments made about Eminem’s daughter. In addition, says Eminem is jealous because MGK is the younger version of him that raps better and dresses better.

“Man up and handle your shit/Mad about something I said in 2012/Took you six years and a surprise album just to come with a diss.”

Later in the track, MGK says, “Let’s ask Interscope how you had Paul Rosenberg tryin’ to shelf me/Still can’t cover up the fact your last four albums is as bad as your selfie/Now tell me, what do you stand for?/I know you can’t stand yourself/Tryin’ to be the old you so bad you Stan yourself.”

“Let’s leave all the beefin’ to 50. Em, you’re pushin 50/Why you claimin’ that I’ma call Puff?/When you the one that called Diddy/Then you went and called Jimmy/They conferenced called me in the morning/They told me you mad about a tweet/You wanted me to say sorry?/I swear to God I ain’t believe him/Please say it ain’t so/The big bad bully of the rap game can’t take a f**kin` joke.”

Last Friday, Eminem released “Killshot,” constructed to counter all the negative things MGK has been saying about him.

“Know your facts before you come at me, lil’ goof/Luxury, oh, you broke bitch?/Yeah, I had enough in ’02 to burn it in-front of you, ho/Younger me? No you’re the wack me, it’s funny but so true/I’d rather be 80-year-old me than a 20-year-old you.”

MGK took to twitter to maybe give fans a clue on when he will release his response to “Killshot”.

He tweeted, “Binge EP 9.21.18.”

It seems like rap fans won’t need to wait long for the next chapter in this scathing war of words.


Eminem fired back at MGK with “Killshot,” telling his rival, “I’d rather be 80-year old me than  20-year-old you.”