Survive the end of the semester slump

Meagan Malesic, Asst. Features Editor

     The end of the semester is finally in sight! Well… almost. Even though there are only a few short weeks left before summer, these weeks following spring break tend to be the most difficult to get through. More often than not, the end of the semester also comes paired with an end to all motivation. Here are a few tips to help you stay on track and finish the semester just as strong as you started it.

Set Goals
     One of the easiest ways to fall behind is by not having a solid plan or end goal in mind. Therefore, implementing daily goals into your schedule helps keep you on track and manage your work load. Even simple goals, such as reading a certain number of pages in a text book every day, can significantly impact your ability to stay focused and save you from drowning in end-of-the-semester work.

Stay Positive
     As silly as it might sound, keeping a positive attitude is so important in making sure that you don’t get overwhelmed or extra stressed. Not only does keeping your own attitude positive matter, but surrounding yourself with other positive people also helps keep you on track and not bogged down by negativity. The last weeks of the semester tend to be the busiest and filled with the most pressure, so having a support system filled with positivity to rely on is key in staying afloat and not feeling overwhelmed.

Find Coping Strategies
    Because of the added pressure that inevitably comes along with the end of the semester, it is likely that stress and anxiety are bound to come with it. This doesn’t have to be your downfall, though. Being prepared with healthy coping strategies, whether they be going to the gym, trying out meditation, or just taking time for self-care, can greatly help in reducing stressful feelings and result in finishing off the semester as best as possible.

Stay Healthy & Hydrated
      If there’s ever a time to take care of your health, it’s during these last few weeks of the semester. As the workload increases, the last thing anyone wants to have to worry about is being sick. Drinking lots of fluids, getting enough sleep, and being sure to eat healthy, substantial meals can go along way in boosting immune health and keeping up energy levels to finish the semester strong – both physically and mentally.

Treat Yourself
     A key factor in motivation is making sure that you have something to be motivated towards. Setting up little rewards for yourself along the way throughout the final weeks gives you something to look forward to and also gives you the incentive to complete your goals. Figuring out the types of treats, whether they be food or social events, that keep you the best motivated, and then adding these types of treats into your life as reinforcements, is a great way to stay on track and finish the semester off strong.