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  • Welcome to the new and improved Voice website!

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Brands enhancing change

Morgan Yobst, BU AMA Club

March 5, 2020

In the article “Developing Brands in a Hyperconnected World,” the writers, Vanitha Swaminathan, Alina Sorescu, Jan-Benedict E.M. Steenkamp, Thomas Clayton Gibson O’Guinn and Bernd Schmitt, explain the current state of market...

Do companies really hear your complaints?

Hailey Whittingham, BU AMA Club

February 13, 2020

In a digital era, more and more of customer feedback is shaping the companies we buy from as well as who we are as customers. Customer service is an evolving landscape where consumers have the power to shape. It should be taken...

Is thrifty spending worth it?

Lexi Klatt, BU AMA Club

November 21, 2019

If you are like me, thrifting is a weakness. Finding the best deals on the coolest items and only spending just a few bucks is always the way to go. But is this really the best way to shop?  Oftentimes, the cheap products we buy are made with ev...

Hash-tagging your way to success

Morgan Yobst, BU AMA Club

November 7, 2019

Have you ever taken a silly video and published it on a social media platform? Then watch it transform from a few likes and shares to becoming posted on multiple accounts and reposted more than a million times? This is called...

Companies are taking a stand

Philip Denelsbeck and Emily Spaulding

October 24, 2019

On Sept. 20, more than 1,000 brands took a stand against governmental inaction on the issue of climate change. Brands such as Patagonia, Wordpress, and Ben & Jerry’s participated in this strike, as well as another strike...

‘Buffer’ your social media skills

Matthew Cotter & Autumn McGrath, BU AMA Club

October 10, 2019

Social media has become a large part of our generation and culture. According to WP Engine, the average hours spent per day on mobile devices have shown an increasing trend from generation to generation. The majority of college...

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