Students are loving the FLIP side: Not so new dining options at the Husky Lounge

Gabrielle Reyes, Ass. Features Editor

     In this Spring semester, Husky Lounge has started to offer FLIP food station to the menu. Bloomsburg dining tested FLIP in Monty’s and it was a hit. FLIP offers a diversity of foods in a bound period of time. They promise fresh produce and constant variety. FLIP opens at dinner time at the salad station in the Lounge. It been going on since the beginning of the semester and people have their opinions.

     The FLIP station started out on January 22nd with “Road Trip America”. It offered a southern classic of fried chicken with mac and cheese. It didn’t only offer those two, but it also presented multiple sides to go with the chicken. You can choose if you wanted southern styled collard greens, green beans, and corn. You also had the chance to decide if you wanted banana pudding with Nilla Wafers for dessert. Sadly, the option to get to try the “Road Trip America” theme came to an end on January 25th.  However, the constant changing of the style foods is a factor students love about it. Senior, Danielle Backowski, who works at the help desk in the Husky Lounge, states she is happy the FLIP station is here. She affirms that the variety at FLIP is a nice alternative to the pizza and wraps offered every day. She also informed us that she enjoys the different cultures it showcases with each theme. Another student who is a sophomore named Tayler Murphy, thinks the FLIP station is much better than what was offered last semester stating, “Last semester, they basically only offered General Tso’s every night”. Other students and Danielle, commonly both said they are happy Bloomsburg Dining has decided to bring FLIP to Husky because they propose genuine good foods. A worker at the lounge tells us that the FLIP station is booming, and people are enjoying the new station.

     Even though there are many students that are enjoying the new station, there are still numerous amounts of people that are unaware of FLIP. When asking people if they have eaten at FLIP, some had a very puzzled look on their faces. Students were unaware that FLIP had moved from Monty’s into Husky Lounge. Other students were not impressed with the new station stating, “it’s all the same and it is not good for you”. It is unknown as to why students are clueless to the change. It could be because people are not paying attention to notices, they are uninformed, or they just don’t care.
The upcoming menu or themes for the rest of the semester are “O- mori”, “Mighty Bowl; protein on the go”, “Bibim Box; Korean flavors mixed for you”, “Taco del se o ul”, and “The Good Mix”. O- mori offers ramen with a modern and customizable twist. Mighty Bowl offers globally inspired protein packed salads and grain bowls. Bibim Box offers Korean dishes featuring steamed rice, vegetables and savory meats. Taco Del Se o ul offers Mexican classics seasoned with Korean Seoul. And the Good Mix offers a mix and match of salads, soups, entrees and sandwiches all under 500 calories. All of these themes, sounds yummy and is a fresh look into different cultures and foods around the world. We hope you guys try the themes out because if you don’t, you’ll miss your chance. Enjoy!