First Word: Have Democrats judged Trump to harshly? Republicans praise the tax bill, Russian sanctions and school choice

Rachelle Jones, Staff Writer

     No one is perfect, including the president of the United States. While Trump has done and said things that individuals, including Republicans, have disagreed with, Trump’s presidency thus far has been an overall success. This success has been ignored by many liberals, especially democratic news stations who have stressed the bumps in the road while ignoring the moments of victory for America. The United States of America is a better country under Trump, and his accomplishments deserve to be noticed.

     Importantly, the economy is performing at an impressive rate under Trump’s presidency. Unemployment has dropped tremendously, currently at only 4.3 percent. This is the lowest unemployment rate since 2001. Furthermore, the stock markets are reaching unprecedented highs and the DOW is setting incredible records (BBC).

     Trump’s tax plan is already a success as well, and it has and will benefit Americans. For instance, At&T recently stated that they will provide workers $1,000 bonuses due to the tax bill which will benefit the company. Wal-Mart has pledged to raise its minimum wage in response to Trump’s tax plan as well, in addition to providing $1,000 bonuses to certain employees (Newsweek). Although some Democrats want to claim that Trump’s tax bill only benefits the rich, it benefits nearly all Americans. For instance, for married/joint couples making between $19,050 and $77,400, the tax rate drops from 15 percent to 12 percent. Furthermore, it doubles the child Tax Credit to lower taxes for parents who are trying to make a living and take care of their children. In addition, as is of interest to many college students, the taxes will be lowered on beer, wine, and liquor (The Balance).

     In addition to giving the economy and families a boost, Trump has succeeded regarding Russia. Many claim he is in Putin’s pocket, but he has taken a “tough line” with the country. For instance, he put sanctions into place due to violations of a nuclear treaty. Furthermore, Trump sided with Ukraine when he permitted a $47 million-dollar arms package. Trump has succeeded in other foreign policy pursuits as well. Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and is moving the US embassy to this city. This was a promise made by four presidents in the past, but Trump is the first one to deliver the results (Washington Post).

     Trump has succeeded in other avenues as well. For instance, job-harming regulations have been slashed; around 67 have been cut. According to the Trump administration, these deregulations will save companies 1.8 billion in “lifetime net regulatory costs.” Trump has also assisted in lessening the number of illegal immigrants who have illegally entered America, defying our laws and stomping on what we stand for. As of August 2017, the number of individuals crossing the southern border decreased 41% percent from just one year before. On a different note, Trump has supported school choice, encouraging programs that allow parents to choose what school is best for their child, rather than the child’s zip code determining where they attend (USA Today).

     Trump is not a perfect person. In his personal life there are things he has done I will not try to defend. That being said, as president he has done a terrific job. Many individuals have ignored these accomplishments as they criticize Trump for every move he makes. However, I think it is important, regardless of party affiliation, to recognize and appreciate the accomplishments of President Trump.