Get to know the Huskies: Juniors Leah Myers and Taylor Sneidman of BU Women’s Basketball

By Brian, Abbate A&E Editor

Where are you from?
Leah: “I am from York, Pa, about two hours from Bloomsburg.”
Taylor: “Harrisburg, Pa.”

What do you want to do after you graduate?
Leah: “I am a communications major with a concentration in interpersonal studies, and I would like to work in public relations.”
Taylor: “I am an exercise science major, and I would like to go to physical therapy school and then someday become a Physical Therapist for student athletes.”

When did you start playing basketball?
Leah: “I started playing basketball when I was six-years-old. At the first practice, I couldn’t even get the ball to hit the rim.”
Taylor: “I started playing basketball in 2nd grade.”

Do you have any rituals that you must perform before a game, and why?
Leah: “Music is a big part of the pregame ritual; we have a team playlist that we play before every game.”
Taylor: “I always listen to sad songs, they remind me to cherish life and never take a moment for granted, so it helps me play like it’s my last game.”
What is your favorite part of being a Husky, both on and off the court?
Leah: “I’m proud to be a student-athlete at Bloomsburg. I really like the school and the people here, I do not want to go anywhere else.”
Taylor: “Off the court, I love the campus and the atmosphere. On the court, I love all of my teammates and how we all have each other’s backs no matter what.”

What was the most important game you ever played and why?
Leah: “Our district final game in high school, it determined whether or not we went to states. I was put on the foul line with the game on the line and three seconds left. Thankfully, I made both free throws and we went onto states with a win.”
Taylor: “I think every game you play is just as equally important as the last one.”

Do / did you play any other sports?
Leah: “I also played soccer from the age of six until my senior year of high school.”
Taylor: “I played tons of sports growing up. Softball, volleyball, basketball, soccer, cross country, track, gymnastics, and field hockey. But I only played soccer and basketball in high school, and then I played both here at Bloomsburg until the beginning of my junior year. Now, I only play basketball.”

What hobby would you get more into if time and money were not an issue?
Leah: “If I had more time, I would play more sports.”
Taylor: “Traveling the world, I’ve always wanted to visit every continent.”

What fictional place would you most like to go?
Leah: “Hogwarts.”
Taylor: “Bikini Bottom.”

What songs have you completely memorized?
Leah: “Bodak Yellow, Closer, Mr. Brightside.”
Taylor: “There are way too many to even count but a few of my favorites are “Marvin’s Room” by Drake, “Stickwitu” by The Pussycat Dolls, and “Body like a back road” by Sam Hunt.”

Favorite TV Shows?
Leah: “Catfish and Gossip girl .”
Taylor: “Catfish.”

Favorite Food?
Leah: “Pizza.”
Taylor: “Pasta.”

Favorite vacation you’ve been on?
Leah: “My trip to Florida with my sister. We spent a week together at the beach.”
Taylor: “Cruise through the Caribbean islands.”

What could you give a 40-minute presentation on with absolutely no preparation? (No, you can’t give one on basketball, sorry).
Leah: “What it’s like to grow up in a big family, primarily what it’s like having five sisters and how sharing clothes goes.”
Taylor: “Shoes.”

What movie title best describes your life?
Leah: “Cheaper by the Dozen, I come from a family of nine with five sisters and three brothers, so I can relate to the craziness.”
Taylor: “Dear John.”