Compassion and Christmas Cards: Help a Family find comfort this holiday season

By Evan Llanso, Staff Writer

     The Christmas Holiday is a time to share compassion and love with those around you and to wish them good cheer, but for one family in Maine, the holiday may be anything but enjoyable, however Bloomsburg University can help bring light to their Christmas this year.

     An issue brought forward by CGA Secretary Sarah Rhineer, was a call to action for a young boy named Jacob Thompson.

     This young boy was tragically stricken with cancer, and his time left was uncertain, but doctors knew it would not be for long. As a final wish, this kindhearted child only asked that he could receive as many Christmas cards as he could for Christmas, as reported by Ms. Rhineer

     Sadly, Jacob passed away on November 19, at the age of 9, following an early Christmas celebration on Nov. 12, from a report via the Washington Post.

     While Jacob cannot be brought back, the students of Bloomsburg University can come together and continue his wish of spreading good cheer, only this time to those he left behind.

    Should any student, staff, or community member be interested in sending a card of good will, that only need be decorated with words of kind sincerity, Rhineer of the CGA would be “more than happy to send them to the family” as she stated in an email. According to Rhineer, a basket will be left outside the CGA office in the KUB building on the fourth floor should anyone want to participate.

     Some students shared their thoughts on this drive to bring the Christmas spirit to young Jacob and his family.

     Students Jordan Hummel said, “I think this is a wonderful cause for people to come together to make this family’s Christmas special.” Her sentiment was shared with Jill Hendersen who said, “This is where it is important to be a community, it doesn’t take much but it means so much.

     In addition to these kind words, more were provided my Dean Laubach “This shows us the real meaning of the holiday, that it need not be extravagant, that instead of toys, all this young man wanted was the kind thoughts of others, that they were thinking of him.”

     Now the invitation to bring the true meaning of Christmas to this mourning family is extended to the entirety of the Bloomsburg University and its community: to help make their holiday a brighter one, using the example of the angel now watching over them.