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Bloom student begins his music career

By Cody Deitz, Staff Writer

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       Being a pop or rock star is a dream for most people when they are kids, but some get to turn that dream into a reality. Bloomsburg University junior, Nick McWilliams, has released two singles so far during his college career. His first, “I Want U” was released on October 21, and the second single “Image” on November 9.

      McWilliams explained that his first single is not about anyone in particular. “When I started writing ‘I Want U’, I just had the hook and I didn’t know where to go with it. And then I thought, there has been times when I’ve had some bad relationships … but I still wanted to be with that person.”

       “Image” focused more on feeling of comparing himself to others. He said, “We will be much happier if we are just ourselves, so I figured I would write a song about the mutual feelings I had with many others and maybe help them get over that feeling.”

     The two songs, which have been released for just under a month, they have gathered about 1000 streams on Spotify alone.

     McWilliams is no stranger to the music world. He has stated that he began singing when he was five, and started songwriting about six years ago.


     McWilliams is also currently enrolled in the music education program offered here at BU. His experience in music continues through many of BU’s music organizations.

    McWilliams talked about his dreams of helping people through difficult times in their life. For him, music has always been a source of inspiration and hope through the difficult times.

     McWilliams refers to many popular artists as his recent influences, such as Jon Bellion, Eminem, and blackbear. The biggest one for him is Ed Sheeran, as McWilliams explains it, “he is a genius songwriter and his ability to affect so many people on such a huge level is incredible to me. Seeing him live was a life changing experience and I already have tickets to see him next year.”

    Specifically focusing on the album he is currently working on, McWilliams gave me the first scoop on his upcoming EP, which hasn’t been released yet on any of his social media. He explained that, “the story behind my EP Murals, is that I wanted to make something more organic. My first two songs were really over produced pop and now I want to show the more singer/songwriter side of my music.”

     McWilliams expressed that he is aiming to release the EP in January. “I am hoping to get the songs finished and recorded by early next year. For this, I’m taking an acoustic route with this four song EP because I want to show people I can do other elements of music and I love all different genres of music.”


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Bloom student begins his music career