Procrastination: Now even easier

Brooke McCoy, Photo Editor

     Don’t get me wrong, studying for finals is super important, but relaxing your brain is a must. All the great genius’ procrastinate, so you should too!

Take a nap

     Napping is the #1 pass time of a sleepy college student, and nothing bad can come from sleeping, except if you over sleep and miss your final. You should always set a few alarms.

Read The Voice Online

     The print edition of The Voice comes out every Thursday morning, but there are digital copies on our website ( There is always copies from the current and past semester under archives.

Play a video game

     Video games can be a great way to get out frustration, so choose a game for your mood. If you’re angry, try a zombie game like Left 4 Dead; there is a katana in the game that cuts zombies’ heads off. If you’re in the mood to relax and be carefree, try Forza Horizon. In the game, you can design cars, drive them around, and even race! If you want to completely ignore life, try Far Cry, where you can sneak around campsites, hunt animals, and attack enemies.

Hangout with Friends

     Socialize with friends, complain about a grade you got on a paper, compare how long you have been studying, or even complain about how the pasta lady turned your alfredo sauce orange! Just getting out of your dorm or apartment can help your brain retain all that you studied.

Go eat a pretzelini at Tri Pi

     Pretzelinis can fit into any food group. Feeling healthy? Get the veggie one. Feeling sugary? Get the Nutella one. Totally forgot about dinner? Get the Philly cheesesteak one. There are so many different pretzelini fillings, anyone can find their new favorite.

Watch a mindless TV show

     Mindless TV shows can be found on every channel. Friends and How I Met Your Mother are perfect shows to pick up on regular TV.

Go get ice cream at Brennen’s Big Chill

     Every week, Big Chill comes out with new ice cream flavors, and some are all sorts of wacky. PB & J ice cream perfectly tastes like the center of the classic sandwich. Bear Paws is a favorite at The Voice office: vanilla ice cream with fudge swirl. An easy flavor that everyone loves is their classic chocolate chip.

Make new Pinterest boards

     It’s never too early to plan your wedding: make one for a backyard, a church, or a destination. A great board to start is one about your apartment next semester. There are tons of DIY projects that anyone can do. You can even make one about the new health plan you are never going to start.