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Hipster trends that have fashioned the future

     Live and let live, right? It’s 2017, right? Well, yeah, it’s 2017, which means we’re living in that quirky, colorful, technological sci-fi future that everyone was writing about 50 or 60 years ago, and you can tell. From body modifications to tattoos to two-toned hair, the 20-somethings of 2017 are the pinnacle of future, fashion and individualism. And for some reason, people can’t seem to get over it and move on.

     Whether your style is beige cardigans and khakis or all-black everything and neon blue hair, it’s your style, it defines you, and it’s yours alone to judge. Since it’s evident that it’s gotten incredibly hard for all of those hipsters out there to live their lives without the internet making 10,000 pages of lists of what they should stop doing, it’s time to make a list of those trends that hipsters can’t stop, won’t stop, and definitely shouldn’t stop.

     Here are five of the top hipster fashion trends (and one token food) that could make this grim world just a little more fun and eclectic for those who envision a brighter future.

1. Messy Buns

     Who doesn’t love a messy bun? They’re a style that allows you to wake up 20 minutes before class starts, throw your hair up, pull on a sweater and go. While it’s not entirely professional for the office or a conference, there’s no harm in loosening up your professional bun for brunch or happy hour afterwards. The messy bun look has moved out of the realm of chill hipsters and become a fashion staple, and even short-haired girls demand its longevity.

2. Hipster Male…

     From the tasteful new trend of man buns to older trends like skinny jeans, well-groomed beards and beanies, the male hipster has been a beacon of male fashion in the last few years. Thanks to the obvious distinction between the hipster style and, say, the athlete or the farmer, men who love hipster fashion trends tend to be scrutinized more. But the functionality and the cleanliness of these trends combine to create a sleeker look for the new eclectic professionals of tomorrow, and to be honest, it’s really nice to see men really owning a chill identity that plays up artistic tastes instead of sports gear.

3. White People Wearing (Blank)

     Dreads. Tattoo undercuts. Feathered hair accessories. While it’s true that all three of these styles and then some have their origins in other cultures, they’ve long since spread to mainstream fashion, thanks in part to the influence of those trendy hipsters. And it’s not like people are wearing these fashions without knowing the history of the cultures that they came from.

     By targeting white people for choosing to wear styles that come from other cultures, regardless of whether that individual looks good or is in fact a part of that culture, it’s creating an element of ethnic or racial exclusivity instead of cross-cultural inclusion and understanding. So long as they’re wearing the style seriously and not as some racist joke, there’s no argument to be made why a white girl can’t wear dreads or a guy can’t have a tattoo cut.

4. Unnatural Hair, Naturally

     It says something about a person when they’re confident enough to be 21 and silver-haired. Some people say it’s stupid or unprofessional. This person says that it’s stylish, artistic, creative and fresh. Having pastel or silver hair is a softer version of the neon hair colors that were popular in the 2000s, particularly among the emo/scene kids. Those kids are now all grown up, and they’ve decided to tone down their neon blues, pinks and purples into softer pastels that, quite frankly, really pop on a lot of people. It also sends a message of confidence to those you’re meeting for the first time, and can be changed into a simple streak in natural-colored hair for the job market.

5. Neutral is Beautiful

     The androgynous look dates as far back as the flapper figure of the 1920s, but with today’s understanding of gender as a spectrum, it’s those placed in the liberal hipster crowd who are making that androgynous look mainstream. Makeup isn’t just for women, and those side-buzzed short hairstyles aren’t exclusive to dudes anymore. With fashion icons in Hollywood and on the web, like Ruby Rose, Heather Symmes, Jeffree Star, and Manny MUA redefining and blurring the gendered fashion lines, styles are becoming more individualized than ever before.

     People are allowed to wear their personalities without fear that they’ll be looked at as weirdos, and it’s moving us all one step closer to a world of acceptance, tolerance and love of all people, no matter their style.

     And now, the food trend that feeds our need for trendy: rainbow food, particularly bagels. Who doesn’t love bagels? The food makes for a great sandwich on the go, and if you’re a New Yorker, it’s practically the state food. Adding rainbow coloring only makes the standard bagel look for creative and colorful, and while it may not be worth waiting in line just to get a plain one, it’s just as worth any standard bagel if the shop makes great sandwiches with it. Rainbow coloring could be added to any pastry, and quite frankly, as long as it tastes just as good, that pop of color is a great bonus. So, thanks hipsters! You’ve made the world a just a little more colorful and a little brighter.


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