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Get out and about during this lovely weather

Morgan Mickavicz Assist. Op, Ed Editor

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     The weather has finally broke, spring has officially sprung, whichever corny phrase you choose to use: it’s finally nice outside. Bloomsburg University has been celebrating the good weather by filling the quad with students doing homework or reading, impromptu games of frisbee, wiffle ball, etc. Teachers have brought students outdoors for class time, because why not? When it’s 75+ degrees outside, being indoors is actually painful.

     So, doing homework on the quad or attempting to tightrope walk between the trees with the QUEST crew is mostly for our own enjoyment, there may be serious health benefits to spending time outdoors and soaking in the good weather.

     Harvard Medical School’s article “A prescription for better health: go alfresco” explains that being outdoors in sunny weather increases Vitamin D levels. The article says that many vitamins are necessary, but not necessarily disease-warding, but Vitamin D seems to be one that has health benefits. The article states that “[e]pidemiologic studies are suggesting [Vitamin D] may have protective effects against everything from osteoporosis to cancer to depression to heart attacks and stroke.” So, they recommend spending 10-15 minutes outside a few times a week while it is sunny to increase Vitamin D levels.

     So, your time spent on the quad during this nice weather may improve your abilities to ward off disease, but it also could improve your concentration- tell that to your teacher next time you want to spend class time outside, how they can argue with you? Harvard Medical School’s article previously mentioned cites that a study done in 2008 concluded that ADHD students did better on an exam after a walk through nature rather than a walk through a residential area. So, this shows that spending time outdoors improves your concentration, meaning getting homework done on the quad or holding a class meeting outside can only be beneficial.

    It’s clear that spending time outdoors does more than make you feel good, but it actually improves your health and concentration. Maybe the older generations do have a point about millennials not spending enough time outdoors, but if you walk through Bloomsburg University’s campus on a nice day, you would not know it. Students are clearly taking advantage of the warm air and bright sun. If you’re dying to get outside, but aren’t sure what to do out there (being outside and using technology does not count as enjoying nature!) here are some ideas:

Take a walk

     There is nothing quite like taking a walk through a park or even down the street on a warm and breezy day. If you have a dog, he/she will enjoy a stroll outside getting some fresh air. A walk can reduce some stress, clear your head, and just make you feel good. It even counts as exercise.

 Read a book

     As college students, we probably don’t have a lot of time to read books, articles, magazines for fun. But, finding time on a nice day to get outside, find a bench or set up a blanket in the grass and read something you choose, not something assigned for a class is a refreshing feeling. So, enjoy the nice weather and read something for yourself, not a class. It will feel great.

Play a game

     Grab some friends and start a game of frisbee, kickball, catch, etc. You don’t have to be good at it, you just have to enjoy yourself. In the spring, the quad is filled with students messing around and having a great time playing a sport or game. It is relaxing, something college students definitely need.
If you’re still not sold on the “spending time outdoors” thing, then suit yourself. However, it’s clear that outdoor activities on a nice day increase your health and just make you feel better. So, don’t be a stereotypical millennial and stay inside on Netflix or social media on a sunny day, get outside and enjoy the fresh air and sun.

Morgan is a Secondary Education  and English major. She is she Vice President of College Republicans and Assistant Editor for The Voice

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Get out and about during this lovely weather