Warren’s call out for New Submissions

Warren is a student literary journal that is developed annually by Bloomsburg University students! This journal is completely free of charge and published every Spring semester. Warren features poetry, short fiction, creative non-fiction, and artwork all written/created by current Bloomsburg University students. Warren also includes several award-winning pieces written by students of Bloomsburg University. 

By submitting your work, you will be giving yourself the opportunity to be featured in this Spring’s publication of Warren and your work will be recognized by the members of the Bloomsburg University community. It is a great honor for your work to be chosen and would be a great portfolio builder for any writer or artist!

Also, keep in mind that Warren has a website warrenliteraryjournal.wordpress.com with more information about submissions. 

There are also digital copies of previous editions of Warren that can be perused. Check out the website regularly to find details regarding weekly writing prompts and other mini writing contests held throughout the semester!

Submissions are currently OPEN! Go ahead and  make your final touches on your work and select your best pieces to submit! All submissions should be sent to [email protected]