Helicopter crashes at Bloomsburg Fairgrounds

Jess Barnett, Staff Writer

On Saturday night at around 7:30 p.m., a helicopter crashed in the parking lot of the annual Bloomsburg fair, according to the Daily Item.
The aircraft landed on and damaged several cars, however, no one was injured on the ground. One fair goer’s car was found to be completely totaled. The fair is said to be providing rental cars to those whose vehicles were damaged, according to WNEP.
The pilot and the two passengers were immediately rushed to the hospital following the accident.
According to the Penn Live, the pilot was identified as 68-year-old Kenny Cordrey and is still said to be in critical condition at Geisinger. The two passengers were identified as 42-year-old Jennifer Zielewicz and 33-year-old Maria Portalatin.
They both suffered from minor injuries and were released from the hospital after being treated.
This is the second helicopter crash to occur at the Bloomsburg Fair. WNEP reported in 2013 that a pilot was killed from being hit in the head with a spinning blade. This aircraft was from a different company than the one used for the 2019 fair.
Helicopter rides were offered at the fair for $20 a ride by the Professional Helicopter Rides who are based out of Ocean City, Maryland.
The investigation of this crash on Saturday is ongoing, but fair officials are seriously considering banning helicopter rides all together at the fair. Bloomsburg Fair president tells WNEP, “My recommendation is that we do not bring any more aircrafts back to the Bloomsburg Fair. Two times, the third could be a disaster,” said president Paul Reichart.