Integrating Six Universities: What Does This Mean For Bloomsburg?

Sarah Erie, Co-Editor in Chief

What do Bloomsburg, Mansfield, Lock Haven, Clarion, Edinboro, and the California University of Pennsylvania all have in common? They’re all planning to be integrated by the Fall of 2022 while cutting the cost of attendance by 25%, according to a December 4, 2020 report in the Daily Item. (

In October, it was announced that the state system has been working to integrate these six universities in two. The state system has given themselves until April to develop a plan on how this integration will work. Bloomsburg and several other state universities plan to lower their cost of attendance by 25%. Chancellor Daniel Greenstein set the goal of cutting college costs during a presentation with university officials in November. Greenstein also noted cutting enrollment costs and increasing enrollment by 8% within the next five years, according to the Daily Item report.

According to State Rep. Brad Roae,

“It is too early to predict any specific possible decrease since some of the savings could be used to expand educational opportunities for high demand careers.”

Some officials are warning that this integration could harm other universities not involved in the integration. Jamie Martin, President of the Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties, told the Daily Item,

“If I’m a student and you’re making Bloomsburg less than East Stroudsburg, why would I go to East Stroudsburg?”

This merger raises unanswered questions: Will these universities lose their identities? What university will I note on future job applications? Will student-athletes be representing two universities instead of one?

What does this mean for faculty and staff?

The Voice will be updating this story as details become available.