Bloomsburg University Student Crowned Queen


Hannah Leskin after being crowned 2023 Greater Pottsville Winter Carnival Queen. Photo by Sydney Stokes.

Sydney Stokes, Print Managing Editor

Hannah Leskin, a Bloomsburg University senior, was crowned 2023 Greater Pottsville Winter Carnival Queen, earlier this month. 

The Greater Pottsville Winter Carnival is a pageant that takes place annually each year in Pottsville, PA. There are 3 different age groups Schuylkill County residents can compete in to win. The age groups consist of Snowdrops, who are girls in 2nd and 3rd grade. Snowflakes, who are selected Juniors in High School representing their district and Queen of Snows, which is any woman out of high school between the ages of 18-29, sponsored by local businesses. 

However, this is the first time in two years the pageant took place due to pandemic restrictions. The event, typically held in January or February, involves a series of events with participants vying for titles, followed by Pageant Night and a Royal Ball. Royalty participates in parades and community events throughout the year once crowned. 

Some of the events prior to coronation include- a round of interviews with judges, a fashion show and tea party. 

After competing in years prior and not placing in either of the other divisions, Leskin, a Pottsville resident, decided to compete again in the Queen division. 

“It’s so exciting and still so unbelievable [to win the Queen title]. I didn’t sign up for the Winter Carnival to win. I just wanted to build more relationships and memories. Winning the Queen title was just the cherry on top of that,” Leskin said. 

She also encourages other Bloomsburg University Students, who are fellow residents of Schuylkill County to participate in the Winter Carnival, for years to come. “The women that you will meet through the Winter Carnival will turn into some of your greatest friends,” Leskin said. “It also gets you out to meet other people in the community and build connections with different people as well as businesses.” 

Leskin was career focused throughout the span of the competition. During the fashion show, she dressed as well-known book character ‘Ms. Frizzle’ from The Magic School Bus series. She took her knowledge from the BU Education Program, and shared her passion for teaching on the stage. 

On top of her duties as Queen, classes and student teaching, she also works and works hard. Keeping true to her Royalty title, Leskin is a BU Deans’ List student. 

Leskin is a student-teacher in a 1st grade classroom at Shenandoah Valley. “I’m loving every minute of it. My students are absolutely amazing and I’m enjoying finally being able to use everything I learned at Bloomsburg in a real classroom setting.”