Former Bloomsburg Student Charged With Intimidation

Caleb Brown, Staff Writer

Eric Allen Meier, a former Bloomsburg Graduate Student, was accused of illegally recording a meeting with University Professor, Karl Henry, last spring. Meier has recently been charged with Witness Intimidation along with Harassment court, documents state.

Meier, 38, is accused of sending three emails to Heather Feldhaus before his upcoming hearing in district court. Feldhaus is the Dean of Graduate Studies, Research, and Innovation as well as the Interim Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs, and is a witness in Meier’s hearing. 

The emails were sent on February 1st and the 11th. According to arrest papers, the emails of Meier are said to have aired his academic grievances, sending two during overnight hours on Feb. 1 and a third on the night of the 11th. 

He is banned from having any contact with any witnesses involved with the case as a part of his bail conditions which had been set during an arraignment last fall. His bail was set at $10,000, and was also banned from stepping foot on campus grounds. 

After sending Feldhaus the emails, she reported them to the campus police where Feldhaus claimed to have been made uncomfortable and fearful. Arrest papers say that after talking to an officer via phone she felt concerned and intimidated by the emails. 

The initial charge of Intercept Communications came about after it was discovered that the Gmail account that had sent the recording to various University employees belonged to Meier. Shortly thereafter, the campus police arrested Meier. The recording was of a meeting between Meier and Professor Karl Henry. 

The audio was muffled, but the recording seemed to have been performed without Henry’s consent according to arrest papers. The meeting between Henry and Meier occurred on March 30 to discuss his lack of attendance and a missed quiz. 

On Aug. 26, 2022, phone contact had been made with Meier. When he was asked about the emails, Meier stated he had a duty as a “mandatory reporter” as well as a student and former law enforcement officer to report the “injustices” that he claimed occurred against him. 

Meier stated that he believes he received “secret messages of hate”, and would then make the claim he sent the recordings to the University as Feldhaus had requested them to which she would deny the claim.

The University was reached out to for a comment, however, they stated that the University does not comment on ongoing litigation. Meanwhile, both Henry and Feldhaus were reached out to as well, but they did not feel comfortable giving a comment as the case is still ongoing.