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ASIG brings joy to Bloomsburg Towers

Sydney Stokes
Bloomsburg Towers residents (back to front) Kay Hammaker, Nancy Keller and Arletta Makara hang out with ASIG Vice president Julie MacWilliams.

The Aging Senior Interest Group (ASIG) gathers every Thursday from 4 p.m. – 6 p.m. at Bloomsburg Towers, located at 330 W 3rd Street.

ASIG is made up of students of any major and elderly residents at the Bloomsburg Towers.

Barbara Kissinger, the Resident Service Coordinator at Bloomsburg Towers has been running the program for just about three years. “I can’t even explain it, it’s amazing.” she said. “The elderly want to take care of everyone who comes in as if they’re grandchildren and I love it.”

Each week students who participate in Bloomsburg’s ASIG reserve the community room to get to know and interact with elderly residents by playing board games, cooking, doing arts and crafts and many more activities. For those who can’t make it to the community room, members venture to their apartments to include them in on the fun. It’s a chance for students to bring activity, socialization and fun to the apartment building for residents who participate.

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According to their page on Husky Sync, “As students, we help to make people feel less lonely and more involved with young adults. In return, we get to meet so many people with so many stories and wisdom to share. This is really fun and rewarding club if you enjoy spending time with older adults!”

“Our mission is to be involved within the community, connecting with older adults and making sure everything is okay,” ASIG president, Nicole Keim said. “I love getting to hear all of their stories and their everyday lives. It is so nice to be apart of this group.”

Numerous students build relationships with residents and continue them for years post graduation.

“It is such a family here,” said Vice President Julie MacWilliams. “I have been participating for over two years now, I love that everyone just hangs out and gets to know each other. Game night is my favorite, and the food.”

When asked what her favorite part of ASIG meetings was, resident Kay Hammaker said “Fellowship with friends!” Megan Bosscher, ASIG Events chair agreed with her and added, “Everyone here is so sweet and giving and kind, they always look after us and each other.”

If you are interested in participating with ASIG, you can reach out to Nicole Keim via email at [email protected] or through Husky Sync using this link: https://bloomu.presence.io/organization/aging-special-interest-group.


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