View From The Voice: Money and power should carry no weight when telling your story

~The Voice, A&E Editor

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In recent light of the federal lawsuit against President Hanna, we at The Voice have noticed a trend. We are currently alive and well in the #MeToo movement, a platform that has been long overdue. We want to encourage everyone to come out about their stories, women and men. These people deserve to have their stories heard, and whenever a story comes to fruition, we need to take it seriously.

Unfortunately, there are times when the allegations are false. But if there is a story that is undeniably true, then it should be made known to the world. We need to come together and support these people and let them know we are on their side and that they deserve justice.

Unfortunately, these stories can get stopped in their tracks. President Hanna’s lawsuit is still ongoing and could either go on for a while more, or it could drop because the parties involved may come to a settlement.        

There are people in these higher powers that can ruin these cases and keep them hidden. Asia Argento, a woman who made huge moves in support of the #MeToo movement, was reported not too long ago that she in fact may have sexually assaulted a man who she did a film with a few years ago. At that time, the man was seventeen years old, still a minor. Claims were made that her late boyfriend, Anthony Bourdain, paid him off to keep quiet.
Now, Rose McGowan is coming forward that Asia lied to her about being sexually assaulted and that she doesn’t want to pay her accuser the rest of the money.

Money and power are what it comes down to. The world seems to think that if you are able to pay people off to keep quiet, you can get away with anything. If you have a high-authority position, you can use it against your subordinates to get your way and keep your job. All it costs you is some hush money.

People have kept these secrets for so long because they are afraid of the scrutiny they could face, the chance that they could lose their job, and the most obvious of all, that they will not be heard or no one will believe them.

What people seldom forget is that there is also power in numbers and unity. If this person has been accused countless times or has been the subject of rumors of harassment, that should be an indicator that they may not be who they present themselves to be. This goes far beyond sexual assault, and all rules should apply to everyone, regardless of their standing and how much money they rake in.

We at The Voice believe that money and power need to be brought down to a lower level and realize that these are people who have been through some of the most traumatic experiences anyone could ever go through. If nothing is done now or if there isn’t more progression moving forward, we are showing the younger generation that these things are okay.

We’re sending the message that as long as they are successful in their careers and make more money than the average person, they can fly under the radar and disregard the rules that apply to everyone else.

Whether you are sexually harassed or assaulted on campus, off campus or in your home town, don’t hesitate to report it. Do not let these people continue to think that they can constantly make people into victims and keep us silent. Silence can be a very deadly killer, not just literally, but also in reference to using your voice.

Voices can have a higher power than money can when used. Do not be a bystander. Do not be a part of the world that continues to brush off the #MeToo movement. This applies for men and women everywhere. You are valid and your story deserves to be heard. If someone is trying to silence you, then that should motivate you to get your story out there as fast as you can.

~The Voice