Last Word: Hey Trump, save those flip flops for the beach.

Chloe DeVitis, Op Ed Editor

    This week we have continued to observe how the president and the rest of the white house are like two magnets repelling each other, but that’sno surprise here. Dissonance over Russian sanctions is the spicy topic right now, especially with Russia backing Bashar al-Assad despite his use of chemical weapons. The White House is now patiently waiting for the commander in chief to finally put his foot down on Russia.

    According to the New York Times, the sanctions would be place on Russian companies that were observed as enabling the chemical weapons program in Syria. As the ambassador for the United Nations,  Nikki R. Haley, made it clear earlier that this was the plan. Unfortunately, the five year old in the big boy chair is refusing to sign off. Although, an anonymous White House official stated that Trump was not on board for the sanctions.
    All of this seems just a little bit strange, since Trump has been trying to make nice with Putin. So what’s the deal with all of the flip flopping? Can we for just five seconds get one moment of stability?

    Flip flopping around all over the place. That’s what he’s doing, and guess what Trump voters? He ended up being exactly what your worst nightmare was in the first place, a politician. That’s right, he’s driving that trump train all the way into the ground with all of us on it.

    Conflicts will continue to arise when there are large gaps between the beliefs of what directions America should be going from the rest of the country, but that isn’t the extent of it on our end. We have the president disagreeing with his own administration as well. Talk about inefficient.
    Remember that “draining the swamp” that came out of his mouth? He flip flopped on that one first. It’s pretty funny how installing the richest administration in the history of the country counts as taking pulling those “poli-ticks” out of America’s skin. Betsy Devos, Steven Mnuchin, and even his own daughter Ivanka who have no business being in the positions that they received.

    In the end, he turned out to be the politician that everyone feared, filled to the brim with broken promises and turn arounds. He wanted to “make America great again” but that really isn’t working out when there’s constant disagreements and inefficiencies as a result of poor governmentality.


    Instability show weakness, and flip-flopping is a sign of feebleness. The disconnect between American citizens, the administration and the president is causing too many unnecessary problems and it’s getting old very fast. So get out your flip flops everyone, it’s gonna be a long walk right through the middle of the swamp… and hopefully we’ll get to the other side soon.

Chloe is a senior anthropology major. She the communications coordinator for the BU Democrats, German club secretary, and is the Op/Ed Editor for The Voice