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Silence is golden in ‘A Quiet Place’

     When it comes to television and movies, John Krasinski can never do us wrong. We loved him, or still do love him, as Jim Halpert. Now he’s branching out and showing he truly can do anything, even writing his own movie.

     “A Quiet Place” has been killing it since it came out a few weeks ago. This genre is fairly popular for most people. But there are people out there who can’t watch it. If you’re one of these people who can stomach spooky things, go see this movie.

    The premise of this movie is based on a family, basically alone in the world, living a silent life to survive. There is an otherworldly creature that attacks when sound is made, so this family must never speak.

     They walk around their area with sand on the ground to make sure no sound is made and live underground for the same reason. This movie is 95 percent silent and mainly has subtitles because this family uses sign language to communicate. This was also because their daughter is deaf in this movie.

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     Since we’re so used to silence meaning something bad is about to happen, you feel this way the entire movie, which makes it that much different and interesting (and honestly, it’s complete genius).

     John Krasinski has given us a kind of movie that we barely see in this world. A movie that is silent, with subtitles, and features sign language as its main form of communication and first language. It’s highlighting a language and community of people that are hardly ever in the spotlight, and this movie does it so very well.

     And of course, one of the best things about this movie that John does is cast his real-life wife, Emily Blunt, as the wife in the movie. You don’t see them fake love to each other and give off any hints of awkwardness. The love and chemistry are real; it’s so heartwarming and gives you a nice sense of relief in the movie.

     Word of advice, either eat your movie snacks during the preview, or don’t get them at all. You will barely hear anything in this movie, so don’t be that person to open up a candy wrapper during this film. Take it all in. Grab your friends and enjoy the “peace” and quiet!


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