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Students complain on Lions Gate shuttles

Kayla Martin, Contributing Writer

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     Lions Gate residents have been fuming these past two semesters about how unreliable their downtown shuttle has been. Often times, leaving intoxicated students stranded downtown without a meaningful way to return home. Students complaints have been falling on deaf ears, as the outsourced shuttle company does nothing to solidify their unreliable drivers. Students are to be reminded, that UBER the high successful taxi app and company is now operating within the Bloomsburg area. So if you ever find yourself stranded anywhere in Bloomsburg, call an UBER.

     As advertised by their services, Thursday through Saturday night from 10 pm to 3 am is the designated “drunk bus.” It transports residents from the Lions Gate apartments to the downtown area. This bus is queued for Lions Gate residents who are looking to enjoy some of the night life that Bloomsburg University has to offer. However, residents quickly realize something isn’t right when the bus that is scheduled to arrive, never arrives. Leaving them often times stranded downtown, without a way back to Lions Gate in the middle of the night. A situation that can be downright dangerous, especially in colder months.

     The Lions Gate shuttle stop downtown is directly in front of First Columbia bank on East Street. Even on a Thursday night at around midnight there are a bunch of kids waiting, and chatting. Cody Silfies, a current resident at Lions Gate and electrical engineering major had this to say, “yeah I love living at Lions Gate, the apartments and all are great. But their downtown bus is well… unreliable to say the least. I have been left downtown numerous times this semester alone. I’m not sure if the driver falls asleep or what. So honestly, I’ve just been making designated driver plans instead of gambling on whether the bus is coming or not.”

     Albaro Castro a criminal justice major, who was also waiting for the shuttle said, “yeah the Lions Gate bus is more often than not, either late or a no show. Just call an Uber.”

     Around 12:25 am, the Lionsgate shuttle arrives, and students get on and off. Of course, on time.

     Upon contacting Lionsgate and their staff to find some answers as to why their downtown weekend bus was so unreliable, it was made clear that they use an outsourced shuttle company, so it’s not actually their bus. The staff member himself even said “yeah the drunk bus is pretty spotty, I’ve experienced it myself.” He then offered the number of A.J.Limo Coach, the company that provides their shuttle service. After contacting A.J Limo Coach, they assured that their busses were running and on time.

      The shuttle that Lions Gate provides is a great thing that allows students to safely return home after a night out. But, when it doesn’t arrive, it leaves students in a potentially dangerous situation. How are they to get back home in the middle of the night. And a reminder that a lot of these students are of legal drinking age, so a reliable shuttle is vital in making sure none of these students get behind the wheel intoxicated.

   It’s also worth noting that UBER is now in Bloomsburg. If any of you Lions Gate residents are ever stranded, give UBER a call and get home safely.


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Students complain on Lions Gate shuttles