You deserve a break: Healthy Huskies on staying sane during the holidays

Natalie Wittman, Contributing Writer

     Break is a short week away! With that being said, heading home for break can be a challenging or stressful time for some students. Healthy Husky is here to help you make your break as relaxing and stress free as possible.

     Remember that a healthy diet can improve mood and make you feel energized. The holidays usually include delicious meals and treats. Try to eat these meals and treats in moderation. Do not overstuff yourself as you most likely will not feel well for a couple days. Also, try to fit in some fruit and vegetables when you can. Too much food can make you feel slow and lethargic which can have an effect on the activities you might have planned over break.

      After living on your own all semester, it can be stressful going back home. Parents will most likely assume that you will follow the rules of the house which can bring about frustration on your end. Try to communicate with your parents and find a compromise. Make them aware that it is challenging changing living environments so quickly. It is up to you to understand that your parents may enforce rules and to respect them while sharing your concerns.

     Finals week is going to wear us all down. Make sure to continue to get enough sleep during finals week as well as over break. Try to stick to the same morning and nighttime routine to ensure your body is getting the rest that it needs.

     The holidays and family gatherings may involve alcohol. Make sure you are being legal, responsible and monitoring how much you are drinking. Alcohol affects mood and behavior which can potentially cause issues or arguments between family members. Save your family that extra stress and be responsible if you intend to drink alcohol. Another important note is to make sure you are staying hydrated. The recommended amount of water you should drink per day is two liters.

     Finally, set aside time to do activities that you enjoy. Reward yourself for the hard work you did this semester and take advantage of the break ahead. Make sure to stay healthy and make good choices. We will see you in 2019, Huskies!