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Promoting Diversity: A New Hillel Club Forming on Campus

Jonah Levy
Hillel club president and freshman, Jonah Levy.

Feeling left out of wider communities across the Bloomsburg campus, freshman Jonah Levy set a goal during the fall semester to create a club to celebrate and teach about the Jewish faith. 

Levy, the club president, spoke about how the club environment would be very open and relaxed. He said, “It is not gonna be very stressful about anything that should be low-key. Come meet some people, go have an event once or twice a semester, and just relax. Everyone is more than welcome to come to our events.”

Levy realized that the campus is in such an isolated location that there are not many Jewish students on the Bloomsburg campus, which sparked the idea to create this organization. Levy wanted to promote a stronger sense of community for other Jewish students. What followed was the creation of their club Instagram @jewishstudentsofcu, where other members of their executive board were introduced.

When asked what plans for the club would entail, he described plans to base the club around principles. Two, of which include charity and awareness about anti-Semitism. 

Efforts for club recruitment currently see their club sitting at twelve. “We are hoping to include more. We are trying to reach out to other people and hopefully can try to get more during the activities fair,” said Levy. 

Now that anti-Semitism is becoming more mainstream, Levy prioritizes the importance of supporting clubs such as the Hillel club. He stated, “I think it’s very important to have diversity, especially on a college campus, because people are coming from all different types of backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities, and values, and if we have this club, it brings awareness to a lot of issues that are going on.”

The young student leader feels that if more awareness is brought to the campus, then people will be more aware of what they are saying and doing.

For anyone interested in joining the Hillel Club, can contact Jonah Levy at [email protected]

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